Format – Documentary
Company – National Geographic MENA
Production House – Electric Films, Dubai
Producer(Electric Films) – Siddhi Pujara
Chasing Answers is a four part documentary for National Geographic (MENA) that showcases the work of an elite group of scientists from King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST). These scientists are on a mission to look for answers to the world’s most urgent demands. In this science & technology focused series, the passionate scientists surprise us with their groundbreaking discoveries of capturing CO2 from the air to the near-invisible solar cells thereby trying to help humanity with alternative solutions and all of this is happening at a unique location – on the shores of the Red Sea.
The complete documentary was shot over a span of 12 days in and around KAUST. The visual language of the series was carefully planned to have a mix of stable motion, dynamic movement & framing along with minimalistic lighting that would help create a 3-dimensional layer subliminally hooking the audience.

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