Venue – Rangashankara,Bangalore
Company – Theatre Nisha
Design & Direction – V. Balakrishnan
V. Balakrishnan
Sandeep John
Janani Narasimhan
Shakthi Ramani
Sangita Santosham
Amrita Fredrick
Thrisha Shetty
Siddhi Pujara
Niranjan Madhavan
Saadhya Natarajan
Meera Sitaraman
The story of  Oedipus has been adapted into a play in two different versions. The first version is by Sophocles’ while the second version is by Seneca. What separates Seneca’s version from the better-known Sophocles’ version is the treatment of the main character Oedipus.
What makes a man? Seneca’s Oedipus is down to earth, accepts fate and knows fear. A stoic. Sophocles creates a tough nut, arrogant and myopic. Wherein Sophocles’ hero is removed from the common people and the audience in his capacity as a demi god, Seneca’s Oedipus can be empathized with; understood in his fears, fallacies and ambitions. His end is therefore that much more lamentable. Sophocles is about hamartia, the fatal flaw of pride. Seneca’s Oedipus knows fear.