Engitta Modhathey (Tamil)

(English: Do Not Clash With Me)

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Director – Ramu Chellapa
DOP – M C Ganeshchandra
Music – Natarajan Sankaran
Editor – Athiappan Siva
Executive Producer – Siddhi Pujara
Producer – Eros International Media Limited
Release Date – 24th March 2017
1980’s was a very significant period for the huge cut-outs in Tamil cinema. They were considered the “First Look” of a film. The cut-outs created a magical bond between the fans and the actors of the film and this bond was especially seen during the release of the films. The fans were loyal and worshipped the actors who were demi-gods for them. So much so that they used to form their own self-proclaimed fan clubs which were dedicated to activities that would increase the fame of their actors. These fans were aggressive and volatile at the same time who could not hear a word against their loyalty and love for these actors. Some of the famous actors of that time for whom these fan clubs were set up were M G Ramachandran, Kamal Hassan & Rajnikanth. The cut-outs have diminished from today’s society but these loyal fan clubs still exist. The story of Engitta Modhathey takes the audience to the period of 1980’s where it all started and how the love of these fans was often misused by the politicians which in turn led to dangerous battles but true fandom eventually won. The climax of the film leaves the audience with a nostalgic feeling.
The main protagonists of the film are Ravi & Nallaperumal (played by actors Natarajan Subramaniam and Rajaji) and the premise of the film is set in a small town of Tamil Nadu, known as Tirunelveli. Ravi & Nallaperumal are cut-out artists by profession and even though they are best friends, they were hardcore fans of two completely different actors. Ravi is a Rajnikanth fan while Nallaperumal is a Kamal Hassan Fan. Mandhira Moorthy (played by actor Radha Ravi) is a local politician who also owns a theatre in Tirunelveli. He faces tremendous problems from the fan clubs during the release of films of Rajnikanth, MGR & Kamal Hassan. Wanting to end these weekly troubles, he hatches a devious plot to control these fan clubs by creating differences between Ravi & Nallaperumal and in turn between their fan clubs. He also succeeds in his plans and makes the whole issue political but how Ravi & Nallaperumal along with the other fan club members eventually realize the problem and fight through the devious plots hatched by Mandhira Moorthy and win every roughneck that comes through their way forms the rest of the story.


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