UAE Pioneers 2018 | Year of Zayed

Format – Opening Film – For UAE Pioneers 2018 Event
Client – Ministry of The Cabinet Affairs & The Future
Production House – Filmmaster MEA
Post & Content Producer – Siddhi Pujara
UAE Pioneers is an annual event that is organised as part of the UAE National Day Celebrations. It is an initiative taken by the Government which aims to promote the concept of honouring and encouraging the passion of Emiratis to discover new areas hitherto not ventured by anyone else. The initiative also sheds light on the first Pioneers of the UAE who have served tirelessly towards the strengthening of the UAE and raising the nation’s image at all levels. The year 2018 is marked as the Year of Zayed and His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan is considered by one and all as the first UAE Pioneer for his relentless efforts towards the upbringing and the betterment of United Arab Emirates. The film was made to honour the services of His Highness and was played during the 2018 UAE Pioneers Event. The film aimed to show how the beginning steps towards the success of the Emirati Nations were taken by Sheikh Zayed and how his vision has inspired other UAE nationals to complete their journey with confidence and a strong determination for the future.
As the Post & Content Producer, I handled the complete creatives, post production and the final delivery of the film. Along with my creative team, we put together a structure for the film based on the client’s requirement followed by selecting relevant stock footage and existing B-rolls. I was also in-charge of procuring various archived imagery and footage from the government organizations, namely, Dubai Media Incorporated, The National and Abu Dhabi Media. During the course of the project, I got the chance to communicate and build strong professional relationships with some of the best known veterans of the UAE government organizations.

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