EXPO 2020 | Thematic District Pavilion | Digital Audio/Video Content

Format – Audio / Video Content
Company – EXPO 2020
Agency – Create Group, Dubai
Project Manager (Create Group) – Siddhi Pujara
Thematic District is the largest built area of EXPO 2020. The area was designed, master planned & delivered by Hopkins Architects. The district focussed on culture and climate to create something that is born of its location rather than imposed upon it. Three petal-shaped districts representing Mobility, Opportunity, and Sustainability as the themes sat at the heart of the Expo masterplan.
As Project Manager for Create Media Group, I managed the complete creation, production, execution and final delivery of 148 audio/video content for the pavilions of 12 participating countries that were hosted in the Thematic district. The core idea of the complete content was deeply interlinked with the unique & distinct character of the architectural concept of the district while at the same time representing its sub themes too, which were Mobility, Opportunity & sustainability.
The pavilions for which I created the content are – African Union, Cuba, DRC, Ethiopia, Guinea, Mali, Jamaica, Mauritius, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania & Yemen. Additionally I also liaised with the client and the participant country to manage their creative expectations and ensure timely delivery of the content.

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