Motor Trend |Throttle Out |The Bovine Biker

Format – Digital Automotive Show
Production House – NEEDaFIXER
Producer(NEEDaFIXER) – Siddhi Pujara
Throttle Out is an episodic series about the real adventures of two life-long friends, Ari Henning & Zack Courts taking on the world – its culture, geography & technology – through motorcycles. Whether the bikes are old or new, fast or slow, the mission is always the same: explore the infinite ways a motorcycle can move you and discover the thrill of living life on two wheels. When in doubt, Throttle Out!
For this episode of the Throttle Out Series, the hosts headed to Kathmandu, Nepal, where their mission was to help a bovine biker rescue sick & abandoned cattle using a motorcycle.
As a Producer for NEEDaFIXER, I extensively researched, planned, budgeted & oversaw the entire shoot that took place in Kathmandu and its surrounding areas in Nepal. The entire episode was shot over a span of 7 days. The shooting style adopted was that of spontaneity and reality based where the Director and the DOP followed the day-today activities of the bovine biker, the hosts experiencing the actual, practical challenges in transporting a cow across the city on two wheels followed by them building a new bike for the cattle rescuer.
Click Here to watch the full episode on MotorTrend.

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