Killa Design & Ultimaker’s 3D Printers | Corporate/Brand Film

Format – Corporate/Brand Film
Agency – VLA Films, Netherlands
Production House – NEEDaFIXER
Producer – Siddhi Pujara
The corporate/brand film made for Ultimaker aimed at spreading awareness about 3D printing and how the innovative technology is being used by Killa Design, a Dubai based architecture company to create iconic designs that are fast becoming landmarks – including one of the most complex structures ever built – The Museum of Future.
The Museum of the Future is one of Dubai Future Foundation’s initiatives. With a height of 78 meters and almost no straight lines in its elliptical design, the structure is well into construction already. Additionally there is Office of the Future – world’s first occupied 3D printed office building that was created out of concrete using a huge 3D printer. With the help of Ultimaker printers, Killa Design created a design for the Office that simultaneously worked and was energy-efficient – perfect for Dubai’s climate, where temperatures often reach 45 °C.
As the Producer, I handled the complete pre-production and production of the film, right from researching, budgeting, planning the shoot, hiring technicians, acquiring the necessary filming permits from Dubai Film & TV Commission, preparing the locations before the shoot from a technical and logistics perspective to the successful completion of the shoot. The film was shot over a span of 3 days in various locations such as the iconic Sheikh Zayed Road of Dubai, Office of the Future, Killa Design office and a combination of roads and streets in and around the Museum of the Future.

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