SOS Children’s Villages International | Let’s Make Them Visible | #iseeyou Campaign Video

Format – Campaign video
Agency – Nemorin Film & Video, UK
Production House – NEEDaFIXER
Producer – Siddhi Pujara
SOS Children’s Villages International is the world’s largest non-governmental organisation that supports children and young people without parental care, or at a risk of losing it. Founded in 1949, SOS today has a sturdy presence in 136 countries & territories. The organization launched a campaign called #iseeyou to bring children growing up without adequate parental care front and centre. The film, titled, “Let’s Make Them Visible” was made as part of the campaign. It aimed to raise awareness about children who live without parental care or who are in situations where they might lose parental care. The complete film was shot in Jordan & United Kingdom.
As part of NEEDaFIXER, I managed the complete budgeting, pre-production & shoot of the film in Amman, Jordan. The director intended to capture the film in an observational filming style that placed the viewers in the moment. The agency producers’ wanted to achieve this by creating the look and feel of places like Uganda, Morocco, Uzbekistan and Iraq – all in one single location. We managed to do this by shooting in Amman as the city single-handedly provided a perfect fit for all the locations such as dusty roads, deserted train tracks, street lamp on a dusty street & so on.
Amman is also a cultural centre with various ethnicities residing in the city and hence casting children of different races, ranging from Middle Eastern, African, Moroccan to South Asian was a very simple and easy task. During the entire duration of the project, I along with my team ensured seamless execution of the film in the highest quality and to the agency’s satisfaction while at the same time maintaining the complete outgoing costs within the budget guidelines.

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